Client Story:
College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff
A Brief Word from CFP
Client Story

Client Problem

The College Football Playoff institution started picking the nation’s biggest football matchups in CFP in 2014. By the start of the 2015 season, CFP knew that their procedures had to be facilitated by a secure and reliable software solution. After a blind vendor selection process, CFP entrusted Code Authority with building this solution.

  1. CFP undergoes a process that determines some of the biggest football games annually — the software had to be highly reliable and secure.
  2. With only two months before the start of the 2015 CFP season, the software solution had to be built and implemented quickly.

CA Solution

Code Authority was thrilled to be selected as CFP’s software provider — even though it was a daunting task. Through arduous requirement gathering and testing, Code Authority attained great success in constructing CFP’s software. To this day, trained Code Authority employees are present during voting sessions in order to monitor for any system issues or irregularities.

  1. Code Authority provided a highly secure and fast software solution through rigorous testing.
  2. Code Authority extended unique support services to make sure voting sessions were free of issues and errors.
Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development

Today, your website is the first place that people find you. Make a strong first impression with a professionally designed website developed by our experts. We specialize in Microsoft .NET technologies and can build the easy-to-navigate and visually appealing website you need.

Cloud Development

Cloud Development

You’ll have no worries about infrastructure, outsourcing, or quality with our team’s cloud development capabilities. We’re a Microsoft partner with Gold Cloud Platform certification, focused on using the advantages of the cloud to build your software efficiently.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

It may look great, but it also has to work great too. So we make sure that every element of your software is perfect — every link goes to the right place, every image loads properly, and basically every other detail is checked and double-checked.

On-Call Project Management

On-Call Project Management

We provide you with a dedicated project manager and account service team that will work closely with you on your application — from kickoff meeting to launch — to make sure you’re up-to-date the whole way through...and of course, satisfied with the final result.

Responsive Design on All Screen Sizes

Responsive Design on All Screen Sizes

Whatever screen size someone uses to view your mobile application; their experience should be consistent regardless. Making sure that the design looks good and functions properly in every environment — considering all screen sizes, orientations, etc. — is highly important for your users.

  • 11

    Major Football Games Decided Yearly

  • 7

    Yearly Committee Meetings

  • 4

    Playoff Teams Seeded

The College Football Playoff

"The College Football Playoff selection process uses a specialized, ultra-modern solution built and maintained by Code Authority Custom Software to securely manage the entire Committee Meeting protocol. Code Authority does a great job for the College Football Playoff. It was not an easy project, but they did a great job!"

Bill Hancock, Executive Director of CFP

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