Client Story:

Client Story

Client Problem

In 2012, Code Authority was approached by a group of ambitious healthcare experts that had just started a company – that company was BroadJump. These experts were determined to provide pricing transparency across the medical supplies and equipment industry, but their business was still only a concept.

  1. The medical supplies industry can be murky when it comes to pricing, and BroadJump wanted to make that pricing crystal-clear.
  2. Not only did BroadJump need a built-from-scratch solution, they needed it quickly to match their business plans.

CA Solution

Code Authority was honored to be selected as the firm to help BroadJump put down their roots. Through an extensive design and architecture phase, Code Authority made sure to capture all the requirements of this one-of-kind product. Still with the ambitious pace in mind, Code Authority’s team of developers took the idea and made it into a reality.

  1. BroadJump was provisioned with a 100% cloud-based solution to meet their every need in a secure and fast fashion.
  2. Code Authority matched BroadJump’s ambitious pace, helping them grow into one of the most renowned medical companies in the nation.
User Experience Research & Design

User Experience Research & Design

It’s not about us, or even you. It’s about your users, and that’s why we focus on them. We’ll research them and create an end product tailored to their wants and needs — which should lead to the results you want and need.

Cloud Development

Cloud Development

You’ll have no worries about infrastructure, outsourcing or quality with our team’s cloud development capabilities. We’re a Microsoft partner with Gold Cloud Platform certification, focused on using the advantages of the cloud to build your software efficiently.

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development

Today, your website is the first place that people find you. Make a strong first impression with a professionally designed website developed by our experts. We specialize in Microsoft .NET technologies and can build the easy-to-navigate and visually appealing website you need.

On-Call Project Management

On-Call Project Management

We provide you with a dedicated project manager and account service team that will work closely with you on your application — from kickoff meeting to launch — to make sure you’re up-to-date the whole way through...and of course, satisfied with the final result.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

It may look great, but it also has to work great too. So we make sure that every element of your software is perfect — every link goes to the right place, every image loads properly, and basically every other detail is checked and double-checked.

Responsive Design on All Screen Sizes

Responsive Design on All Screen Sizes

Whatever screen size someone uses to view your mobile application; their experience should be consistent regardless. Making sure that the design looks good and functions properly in every environment — considering all screen sizes, orientations, etc. — is highly important for your users.

  • 2016, 2017

    Best Places to Work in Healthcare

  • #1

    Fast Tech 50 2017

  • 7,070%

    Revenue Growth

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"We wouldn't have a business without Code Authority. Code Authority has been an invaluable partner since sitting down at design five years ago, and through the entire journey."

Greg Corban, COO

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