How to Start Developing a Mobile App

How to Start Developing a Mobile App

Coming up with a concept for a mobile app can be tricky enough. You want the application to be fresh, unique, and, most importantly, usable. Perhaps you’ve already come up with that big app idea (good job!) and are now wondering, “Where do I go from here?”

Developing a mobile app may seem like a daunting task when all you have is a concept. It may feel like the end product is so far away. No matter what stage you’re at in the development process, this blog will guide you with key takeaways to reach your goal.

Solve a Problem with Your Mobile App

Mobile App Development

The Apple App Store has over 1.96 million mobile apps for download and the Google Play Store has over 2.87 million. With that many apps available, it is important for yours to stand out. How exactly do you do this? Make sure your app solves a problem.

It’s important to really flesh out what your mobile app does for the user. Does it make something easier? Does it help them find something? What are you going to offer them? Focus on your user’s needs, wants, and desires. To get downloaded, your app must do something for them that they can’t do on a browser alone.

Furthermore, the mobile app may solve your problems. Does it do something your website can’t do? Does it help you achieve your business goals? If this is the case, analyze the design by what you can gain.

Do Your Application Research

Now that you have your concept worked out, and you know what it will do for your users, it’s time to get down and dirty in research. This comes in two parts: target audience and competitors.

Mobile App Development

Target Audience

To get your mobile app downloaded, you have to develop and market it to the right people. Who is interested in your app? Who is your average user? Without a target audience, you will get lost in the design process because you won’t know who you are designing for.

Don’t skimp out on this phase of research. It’s important to take your time. Nail down the demographics of your users. These demographics include (but are not limited to):

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Education
  • Income

Once you have the key demographics down, it is time to start building out persona profiles. A persona is a fictional character that represents a portion of your target audience. It can be as low- or high-level as you’d like, but the more detailed the better. Personas not only help you understand who will be using the mobile app, they help you gain a relationship with the users themselves.


There’s nothing new under the sun and that goes for mobile apps. Unless you have come up with a totally new concept, it is likely a competitor has an app like yours. Your job is to learn more about them and figure out how you can make your mobile app more efficient.

If you’re a local retail business, search for other organizations in your area that sell similar products to you. As you browse their app, try to come up with some core conclusions. What is their strategy? What is their selling point?

From there, you can address your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Find out what they’re doing right so you can implement a similar aspect in your app. Analyze what they’re doing wrong so you can design it better.

Start Designing the Mobile App

Mobile App Development

You don’t have to have all parts of your design ready to go when you work with developers, but it can help. A good route is to gather aspects of your competitors’ apps that you like as well as what you’d like to do differently. This can give your development team concrete examples and give them ideas as to how you want your mobile application to look and function.

Even if you don’t know anything about mobile app development, you can draw out (digitally or with pencil and paper) some conceptual design ideas. This can be used by developers in the early stages of product development.

Having a plan in mind helps mobile app developers know what you are looking for. Even if you just have color schemes and imagery, this will be of use. Once a prototype is created, you can begin usability testing with UX research methods to gain insight as to how your application performs.

Are You Ready to Build Your Mobile App?

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