The Best Tools for Mobile App Development in 2021

The Best Tools for Mobile App Development in 2021

The mobile app market is big, and it is only going to keep growing. As of 2021, there are 2.87 million mobile apps available to download in the Google Play Store and 1.96 million app in the Apple App Store. If that is not impressive enough, the mobile app market is expected to generate $935 billion by 2023.

If you have wanted to build a mobile app, the time is now. You will, however, need some kind of tool to help you create it. This blog highlights five popular tools for mobile app development in 2021.

5 Mobile App Development Tools for 2021

1. React Native

Created by Facebook, Inc., React Native is an open-source mobile app development tool used for both Android and iOS. React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, which is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You can build a new mobile app from scratch or use React Native in your existing projects.

A native mobile app is an application which meets the needs of a specific operating system by using its software development kit (SDK) as well as hardware memory, gear, and other applications installed on a device. Native mobile apps provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability.

React Native is a progressive web app that provides a fast track to completion, performs well on targeted platforms, and is easy to debug. Among the many benefits of React Native, just one developer can write across different mobile operating systems.

2. Xamarin

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Xamarin is a Microsoft open-source framework that is relatively new but widely popular. It is a tool for cross-platform mobile app development. Xamarin uses C# as its single language to create apps on both Android and iOS. It is a great option for building high-quality mobile apps that look native.

Because Xamarin uses C# in a .NET framework to create apps, developers can share up to 90% of code across platforms. This makes development more streamlined and oftentimes quicker in general. Developers can build mobile apps in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code with Xamarin.

Businesses worldwide across many different industries use Xamarin for their mobile app development. It is a well-loved and trusted development tool with a full spectrum of functionality.

3. Appcelerator

Appcelerator has everything you need to create great, native mobile apps as a cross-platform mobile app development tool. Appcelerator builds through a single JavaScript code base, meaning you can write in JavaScript and run native on any device and OS.

IDE and Titanium SDK allow 60 to 90% code reuse. They deliver fully native apps for a rich user experience. A great bonus is there is immediate support for each new OS release too.

4. Sencha

With 60% of Fortune 100 companies relying on Sencha, it is definitely a mobile app development tool that goes beyond the mark. Sencha’s products allow developers to build apps for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Ext JS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework for building cross-platform web and mobile apps for any modern device. Ext JS includes 140+ pre-integrated and tested high-performance UI components.

With Sencha, you can build your apps end-to-end using state-of-the-art mobile app development tools.

5. AppInstitute

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AppInstitute is a mobile app development tool perfect for busy small to medium-sized business owners. You can build mobile apps quickly without writing a single line of code using their intuitive app maker.

In just four steps, you can build your next mobile app with AppInstitute. First, select the template that suits your business needs. Second, your app will be branded using your website and social media. You’ll then edit the content. The last step, of course, is publishing your mobile app! It’s perfect for a business owner on the go.

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