How Custom Software Helps Commercial Appraisers

Custom Software for Commercial Appraisers

Like most industries, software modernization and digitization aids commercial appraisal by saving them the most important resource of all: time. Real estate appraisal solutions can streamline processes to free up time that can be spent tracking down and pitching new business, which is the lifeline of any successful commercial appraiser.

There are a lot of software products that help commercial appraisers out there with their tasks. A custom solution that integrates every reporting step and property assessment can be invaluable to the right organization.

What Makes Appraisal Software Good?

Commercial Real Estate

There are a few key features that are important to commercial appraisers: quality of data, responsiveness, and organization.

Quality of Data

Possibly the most important feature of property appraisal software is the quality of data. Appraisers must pull from multiple sources and checking them is time consuming. Accurate data is crucial to property intelligence software.


Responsiveness and accessibility are other key factors to consider when assessing a new property appraisal software. If using an outdated system, odds are time is wasted trying to access the data you need, whether through too-many clicks or software incompatibility. You may have created work arounds to try to make your current software work for you. Instead, you could have an easy-to-use platform that saves you time.


Commercial appraisers keep track of a lot of information to conduct daily business transactions. In this fast-paced industry, mishandled or lost data could mean not closing that big sale, which is a loss in revenue. From appraisals to billing to contact information, a streamlined solution will ensure you can safely save important data as well as access it easily when needed.

Commercial Real Estate Software Pain Points

Commercial Real Estate

Keeping Track of Tasks

Anyone in the commercial real estate knows the importance of keeping track of tasks. From generating a lead to buying and selling, there must be some form of project management to keep assignments in order. With many people working off the same data, there must also be some form of transparency.


Communication among employees as well as clients is vital in commercial real estate. Clogs in communication can create redundancy, errors, and even loss of business. Providing ways for customers to leave you invaluable feedback will give you a better understanding of their needs.

Property Organization

One of the biggest pain points in commercial real estate is property data organization and management. Real estate agents must input all kinds of data, such as values, owners, features, and locations, into a database. After they are filed, they must also be accessible at any time. This kind of information must also be safe and secure.

Generating Reports

Appraisals require all types of reports. These are time consuming and must be free from errors. Ready-made software may offer some forms of automation, but oftentimes, they can’t do it all—especially if some of the data comes from other incompatible software. It is likely you may be manually inputting information and creating and editing the reports rather than letting your software work for you.

Customize Your Property Intelligence Software

Commercial Real Estate

Though ready-made software can offer low upfront costs, it doesn’t always meet the mark when conducting everyday business. These platforms have the capabilities to run daily operations, whether intended for real estate or not. Though these platforms work, they may be falling short. Issues like data security, accessibility, and lack of integration may already be noticed.

It is likely you are using multiple platforms to get your needs met, and unfortunately, they don’t always work together. The lack of integration wastes valuable time you could be spending on revenue-making opportunities.

With a custom solution, you can get the best of both worlds. You can ensure your decisions are driven with correct data, and you can automate your reporting quicker, easier, and more accurately. Ultimately, running more efficiently while eliminating errors will give you a competitive edge.

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